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Peter Iancovici
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Peter Iancovici

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About Me

y!mess : drakq2003
skype : peter.iancovici
phone : +40 723005594
You can also visit me on my Blog :

Licence to Use Artist: (paypal)
I revoked all previously given permissions and am now a "Licence to Use Artist". If you wish to buy a Licence to use please feel free do contact me again:
However, from here on out, please do not contact me asking for permission to use my artwork unless you are willing to pay for a license to do so

Any future permission requests that do not also contain some statement of willingness to purchase a license to use my work will be ignored and anyone found using my work without proper permission will be reported for copyright violationi'm sorry, but that's what it's come down to.

My Art and my site is not a free stock resource. Permission Denied. can only be obtained with a Licence. Feel free to apply for a Licence: fees are reasonable. Thanks for understanding
use this link for receiving Licence and Number…
Copyright Policy